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Log Cabin on the Lake

Log Cabin On The Lake

Print 16" x 20"
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"Have you ever wanted to get away to a place where all you can hear are the birds singing and the wind blowing? Pretend you are here. The log cabin is reminiscent of the one that my grandparents owned. The river and the mountains were nearby. Every summer my family drove from Texas to the Missouri border, to a little town called Flippin, Arkansas. I always knew when we crossed into Arkansas from Texas. The smell of the fragrant pine trees filled the air. Once out of Texas, it seemed that we would get to Grandmas house in no time. ...Actually it took another eight or so hours. The roads weren't very good then." ___Cathy F. (Merri)


Dream your life away while at work... Hang this print on your office wall! 






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